Career and Technology Education
Bill Laney Animal Science I
Jade Cameron Animal Science II
Jim Frisby Agriculture Business
Agriculture Electricity
Agriculture Marketing
  Agriculture Metals Welding
Agriculture Mechanics
Agriculture Power Systems
Agriculture Structural Systems
Advanced Animal Science
Greenhouse Management
Introduction to Horticulture
Plant Science I
Plant Science II
Small Engine Technology
Survey of Agricultural Systems
Business and Marketing
Chris Clarke Banking and Finance Law
HB Whitaker Banking and Finance Principles
Brad Stamps Computerized Accounting I
Lisa Hotsenpiller Computerized Accounting II
Computer Applications I
Computer Applications II
Computer Applications II
Fashion Merchandising
Marketing Management
Computer Science
Emery Faulkner Advanced Placement Computer Science
Essentials of Computing
Drew Yoakum E.A.S.T. I
Scott Gallagher E.A.S.T. II
Randal Dickinson Civil Engineering/Architecture
Jeff O'Connell Digital Electronics

Introduction to Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering
Family and Consumer Science
Liz Bland Child Development
Meredith Asbury Family and Consumer Science
Magan Randall Financial Literacy
Elisa Muller Foods and Nutrition
Jordan Strayhorn Housing and Interior Design
Human Relations
Nutrition and Wellness
Orientation to Teaching
Film and TV
Bryan Allen Advanced A/V Tech & Film
Lesley Allen Advanced Television
A/V Tech & Film Lab
Fundamentals of A/V Tech & Film
Fundamentals of Television
Intermediate A/V Tech & Film
Intermediate Television
Television Lab 
Journalism and Photography
Stephen Teague Advanced Journalism: Newspaper
Shay Hopper Advanced Journalism: Yearbook
Advanced Photography
Fundamentals of Journalism
Fundamentals of Photography
Intermediate Journalism: Newspaper
Intermediate Journalism: Yearbook
Intermediate Photography
Newspaper Lab
Photography Lab
Yearbook Lab
Health Science
Jason Barnes Anatomy and Physiology
Cathy Gunter Foundations of Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine Injury Assessment