Make Up Assignment

Outdoor Ed Makeup Assignment

In the event that you are unable to attend one of our field trips (and you have a doctors note), your makeup assignment is to find an article over the content of the field trip that you missed and summarize it.   This needs to be an actual article from a newspaper, magazine or on line periodical.

To summarize the article follow the steps below:


  1. Scan and Highlight the article.  If this is an online article you must print it out to begin.  Before sitting down to read the entire article, scan the article and highlight or underline major points.
    • Write down or highlight the question asked, or purpose of, the article.
    • Make a note of the thesis statement or hypothesis.
    • Highlight any supporting points.
    • Write or highlight the method used to perform any research that is included in the article.
    • Mark down findings or results


  2. Read the article thoroughly. After making note of the basics, read the article sincerely, paying close attention to detail.
    • Consider reading each section a few times for a ricer understanding
    • Ask yourself about the article as you read it. Mentally track the process of the article to determine if the results and conclusions drawn seem complete and sensible.


  3. Takes notes in your own words. As you read the article for thoroughness write down any significant facts or interesting details in your own words.
    • By writing the information in your own words you minimize the risk of accidentally plagiarizing the article.
    • Do not simply “rephrase” exact statements by swapping a few words around. Instead completely re-write the information and do not look at the text as you write.
    • If you have difficulty keeping things in your own words, focus on writing sort phrases instead of full sentences.


  4. Summarize each section. At the end of each major train of thought, pause to summarize the main point of the section in a single sentence.
    • If the article unexpectedly begins to move into another main point, stop long enough to write the main point of the previous section before you continue reading.