New to FHS?
New enrollments by appointment on February 6, 7, 13 or 14 from 9:00 am  to 2:00 pm 
Last Name A-M call Routhann Yarbrough at 445-1166
        Last Name N-Z call Beverly Hanson at 445-1532

Parent/Guardian must provide:
1.   Proof of residence—Current gas, water or electric bill OR  current rental/lease
      agreement.  Name and address must be on documentation.  
2.  Copy of the Birth Certificate or a legal document that shows student name and
      birth date
3.  Copy of the Social Security card or at least the student’s SS number—if  student 
     does not have a SS number then we will get a 915 number. 
4.  Copy of Shot records—available at doctor's office or from current school.

2018 New Enrollment Packet-English 
2018 New Enrollment Packet-Spanish