Austin, Candace

World Geography emphasizes the interaction of humans and their physical and cultural environments. The study of geography will focus on five major themes: location, place, human/environment interactions, movement, and regions. The study includes current developments around the world that affect physical and cultural settings. Physical setting studies will include topography, resources, climates, and environmental conditions. Cultural settings include population, political structures, life styles, economics, and customs. Students will analyze and interpret a variety of geographic resources and use primary and secondary sources, maps, pictorial and graphic evidence, as well as new technologies. This course stresses application, problem-solving, higher-order thinking skill, and use of classroom performance-based/open-ended assessment with rubrics.

World GeoCultural Studies

Cultural Studies is designed to emphasize the interdependence and continuity of images, values, and ideas in American cultural history as documented by visual texts, i.e. film. The course is multidisciplinary and includes study units on law, science, technology, conformity and conflict, the public aspects of electronic media and its impact on policy and opinion, and various other themes. The seminar format is used, and students are responsible for readings and projects. The course if for students interested in a holistic approach to the humanities within a nontraditional context. Although similar classes exist at the university level, the class is not restricted to college-bound students. All are encouraged to participate because the interaction of groups with diverse intellectual achievements and academic interests is vital to an integral educational experience. Writing skills are stressed and essays are required in this course.